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{ An easy to use sms service to find places around you }

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What is Nearme ?

Nearme is a easy to use service which helps you find ATM's, Bank, Restaurants or virtually anything around you. Just send : "@nearme place, your address"

Example to find a theatre near you:

Text: "@nearme theatre, DP Road pune" to +91 9243342000

How to use this Service ?

send @nearme to 9243342000

Example to look for theatres near you:

"@nearme theatre, Bundgarden road Pune" to +91 9243342000

You can look for virtually anything around you :

@nearme {types}, {landmark around you Your city}


@nearme atm, Bundgarden road Pune

@nearme amusement_park, Bundgarden road pune

@nearme bus_stops, MG Road Pune

@nearme post_office, Airport Road Pune

Supported Types:

accounting, airport , amusement_park, aquarium, art_gallery, atm, bakery, bank, bar, beauty_salon, bicycle_store, book_store, bowling_alley, bus_station, cafe, campground, car_dealer, car_rental, car_repair, car_wash, casino, cemetery, church, city_hall, clothing_store, convenience_store, courthouse, dentist, electronics_store, embassy, establishment, finance, food, gas_station, grocery_or_supermarket, gym, hair_care, hardware_store, health, temple, hospital, jewelry_store, laundry, lawyer, library, lodging, parking

(Note that the service is only available in India)